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What we offer

I-RiSC GmbH offers various services around the theme of integrated action. We focus on linking prevention with damage minimisation and optimised information gathering in the case of a failure.


The adequate design of a facility and excellent standards of management and maintenance serve to minimise the probability of failure. At I-RiSC we offer an integrated strategy for prevention that addresses design, management and maintenance as a single process.
Aim: minimise the occurrence probability


Failure modes are analysed with the objective of reducing the damage potential. Maximum damage potential scenarios are analysed and designed out of the system by means of effective design, adequate maintenance and detailed management.
Aim: minimise the damage


Immediate response to a failure is necessary to collect and gather the required information that will not only support forensic analysis but will also result in a learning process that aims to improve the design, maintenance and management of facilities.
Aim: obtain more information on risk control