Fields of Activity


Damaging incidents have the potential to cause a precarious situation, irrespectively whether the incident occurred due to your own or due to third party negligence.


All objects (buildings, facilities or products) are so different, that a common technical safety approach can hardly be applied to all of them and to the safety of individuals, objects and immaterial things or values. Therefore every object requires an individual treatment.

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Safety Systems

Consultancy, design and inspection of structual and technical safety systems require an expert engineer, with special skills. Architects or specialised planning and engineering offices are not always able to meet these requirements. Specialised engineers from construction companies often additionally take over these task by which the objectivitiy is often jeopardised.


We advise our customers around their risk prevention engineering needs and represent them in their interactions with third parties. During this process we try to integrate all interests and concerns in an economic and effective manner to achieve a holistic risk prevention concept. Costs and benefits are directly dependent on the possibility to integrate all interests and concerns.

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Organisation is a key aspect of the management of risk. Proper organisation implies knowledge; understanding of the different processes; safety systems and a clear definition of the required skills of those incharge of risk management.


Adequate information and training is often the key for the success of any safety strategy. Therefore we have made it our task to act as an interface between the available information on risk-engineering and our clients. We place this information at the disposal of our clients via consulting, seminars, continuous and punctual training, presentations, publications and a hot-line.

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Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations form a major contribution to build up an useful and effective protection against risks and serve simultaneously as a reliable source of information.

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