Why we are different? ... Our Risk-Engineering (1..2..3)

1. Integration of the interests of all stakeholders

Based on the long experience of our employees in various industry- and consulting-fields, we are in the position to integrate efficiently the interests of all stakeholders involved in risk management. Cost reduction and added benefits are directly dependent on the possi-bility to integrate all stakeholders and their interests. Unnecessary costs and time expen-ditures arise, when the same elements are repeatedly surveyed from different angles.

A typical example is:

Stakeholder Interests Steakholder
Owner / Operator (O) Own protection / cost effectivenes
having jurisdiction(§)
Life safety and
environment protection
Insurers (I) Property & content protection

2. Independent – objective – national – international

As an independent consultant we are neutral and objective. Our employees have decades of national and international experience on risk mitigation for companies of all sizes. We have extensive experience in the design and planning of fire protection measures and systems. In addition, we have extensive contacts with independent consultants and ex-perts as well as with national and international academic and research organisations.

3. Demand oriented risk prevention

To meet the requirements of the client (e.g. cost/benefit efficiency, etc.) we utilise the following 3 methodologies to prevent, affect and investigate risks.

Code based methodology:
relying on national and international codes, guidelines and regulations
Adaptation methodology:
Interpretation, extension and modification of codes, guidelines and regulations according to specific re-quirement;
Tailored methodology:
Analysis based on safety goals-performance

At I-RiSC we provide the client with an objective analysis of the different strategies and we emphasise the philosophy of “the right tool for each specific problem.” Adaptations and tailored methodologies imply many times a greater upfront cost, thus should only be applied when there is a well defined need or when a potential for savings in the applica-tion of provisions are evident. At I-RiSC we strive to provide the client with all the available options.