Field of Activity: Stakeholder


We advise our customers around their risk prevention engineering needs and represent them in their interactions with third parties. During this process we try to integrate all interests and concerns in an economic and effective manner to achieve a holistic risk prevention concept. Costs and benefits are directly dependent on the possibility to integrate all interests and concerns. I-RiSC has a long standing tradition in the integration of the interests and concerns of our customers and the involved stakeholders from various industries and countries. For customers with limited capabilities to establish an in-house risk assessment team, I-RiSC can provide services in a wide range of areas.

These services are:

Fire protection planning, risk surveying, fire inspection, risk consultation, technical fire protection evaluation and ranking of insurance concepts and captive solutions, fire business interrupt studies, preparation of neutral fire protection engineering insurance documents, preparation of to do lists, fire protection support, etc.


  • Industry
    From the automobile to the wood- processing industry
  • Service providers
    Architects, banks, building contractors and planners, airport companies, engineering offices, logisticians, brokers, exhibition centres, supply and waste management companies, insurers, selling enterprise, distributors, etc.
  • Facilities
    Museums, theatres, assembly occupancies, etc.
  • Local authorities
    Building officials, fire brigade/department, etc.
  • Individuals
    Managing directors, managers, responsible individuals, safety stewards, owners, experts, etc.
  • Bodies
    Churches, Hospitals, Insurers, etc.


Consulting, planning, evaluation, negotiation, conciliation, training, mediation, representation, etc.