Field of Activity: Safety Systems

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Consultancy, design and inspection of structual and technical safety systems require an expert engineer, with special skills. Architects or specialised planning and engineering offices are not always able to meet these requirements. Specialised engineers from construction companies often additionally take over these task by which the objectivitiy is often jeopardised.

In this respect the I-RiSC offers the following services:

Independant consulting and design of safety systems for various applications, starting from basic research followed by the preparation of the bills of materials to the acceptance of the machinery and systems.

Experience shows that these activities are significantly less cost intensive compared to the savings achieved by applying performance based safety features. With the help of independant bills of materials prepared by I-RiSC, comparable bids can be obtained during the tender process. This is helpful to further reduce the costs during the contract negotiations. 

Monitoring the fire safety investments during the construction period to the final acceptance ensures a smooth coordination and helps to avoid surprises.

To ensure the effectiveness, function and usability of structural and technical safety systems, safety system management is indispensible. And beyond, safety management offers the possibility to better structure other safety relevant measures.

Therefore our services further include:

The development of a corporate philosophy on fire protection, the implementation of a fire protection organisation, and personnel training, etc.

Safety Systems

  • Technical safety systems
    sprinkler, CO2, inert gas, deluge, water mist, smoke and heat extraction, detection and alarm, explosion suppression, lightning protection, etc.
  • Technical safety equipment
    fire extinguisher, hydrants, emergency systems, etc
  • Structural safety systems
    fire compartmentation, fire walls, fire doors, fire damper, fire safety closures, escape and rescue routes, etc.
  • Safety system management
    fire safety management, company philosophy, inspection of the structure and management of technical safety equipment and systems, staff training, etc.


Consulting, design, planning, construction monitoring, inspection, revision, surveying, training, education, etc.