Field of Activity: Risk


Damaging incidents have the potential to cause a precarious situation, irrespectively whether the incident occurred due to your own or due to third party negligence.

Risk is defined as:
Risk = Probability x Consequence

On examining the risks two points need further consideration:
1. the probability of the incident and
2. the consequence thus the loss extent, that is caused due to the incident, whereas not only the direct but also the indirect losses have to be regarded.

Therefore risks can be manipulated by preventive, interventive and analytical measures and do not have to be fully accepted. Ideally all available means should be applied economically and well balanced to prevent damaging incidents (reduction of the probability), instead to fighting the consequences.

As this is is not always possible, the envisioned measures might fail and/or need redundancy, minimising the loss will reduce the risk. For risk prevention it is imperative: “acting“ instead of “reacting

I-RiSC GmbH offers services in this respect:
Risk analysis, risk hedging, business interruption analysis, risk checks, fire investigations, expert reporting, computer simulation (CFD, FEM, etc.), fire scenario development, hazard analysis, calculation of fire loads, contingency planning, etc.


  • Perils
    fire loads, flammable solids/liquids/gases, chemicals, lightning, arson, etc.
  • Damaging incidents and scenarios
    fires, explosions, failures, emissions (gases, liquids, particles), etc.
  • Exposures
    individuals, materials and net assets, environment, etc.
  • Insurable risk
    property and business interruption losses
  • Non-insurable risks
    image and market losses, financial losses, know-how losses due to migration of specialists and business experienced co-workers, waste disposal and reconstruction problems, unicums, etc.


Consulting, simulation, calculation, investigation, analysis, evaluation/ranking/rating, problem solving, mitigation, avoiding, control, prevent