Field of Activity: Objects


All objects (buildings, facilities or products) are so different, that a common technical safety approach can hardly be applied to all of them and to the safety of individuals, objects and immaterial things or values. Therefore every object requires an individual treatment.
As different as the objects are, as different are the safety concepts. A similar approach is feasible and reasonable for certain object groups. But the following needs consideration: The more an object does not match the standards, standardised concepts become less effective and more expensive, if applicable at all.

The range of services of the I-RiSC GmbH includes:

Analysis, evaluation, consulting, planning, design and inspection of safety measures for the protection of objects, property value, individuals and essential business related knowledge. The focus is on the development of emergency plans and safety concepts and the project planning of safety features.

Additional services are:

The planning of adequate construction measures concerning construction, complex separations, compliance of safety requirements and safety measures, consultancy during the design phases, preparation of tender documents, profitability proof on risk reduction measures, participation in Due Diligence activities, testing of products, etc.


  • Buildings (private / public)
    offices, historical buildings, shopping centers, airports, garages, high rise buildings, high rack storages, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, exhibition halls, museums, production halls, underground car parks, theatres, amusement parks, shops, congress halls, public administration buildings, department stores, private apartments, etc.
  • Facilities / plants / units
    computing, energy generation, ports, warehouses, machinery, varnishing line, waste incineration, offshore, onshore, production, industrial processes, petrochemical (oil, gas and chemical), pumps, refining, power generation, transport, tunnel, ships, shipping, handling, etc.
  • Products
    container, packages, electrical cables, transformers, fire protection products etc.


Analysis, evaluation/ranking/rating, consulting, planning, design, inspection