Field of Activity: Information

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Adequate information and training is often the key for the success of any safety strategy. Therefore we have made it our task to act as an interface between the available information on risk-engineering and our clients. We place this information at the disposal of our clients via consulting, seminars, continuous and punctual training, presentations, publications and a hot-line.

On site training seminars are offered by I-RiSC GmbH as independent events or as part of one of their service packages:

  • Seminars on general issues (e.g. Risk-Management)
  • Seminars concentrating on specific industries
  • Seminars on specific topics (e.g. failure analysis)

Mechanisms for the delivery of information are defined on the basis of the needs of the client. Each client will have specific needs for material and form of delivery. I-RiSC caters to the client to provide the optimised solution.


  • Consulting
  • Teach-ins, seminars, training
  • Presentations
  • Publications


Consulting, education, training, archiving and editing