About us

I-RiSC stands for International Risk and Safety Consultants and is a company devoted to rendering services associated to the assessment of risk. It consists of a group of engineers and scientists specialised in Loss Prevention, Risk Analysis and Life Safety with long international experience.

I-RiSC GmbH is a company that renders consulting & training services covering a large spectrum that ranges from applied research, engineering, design, product development, forensics and third party review. Risk assessment for fire is a primary focus at I-RiSC.

To account for the diverse needs of the market and to vastly broaden the services we offer, the company has joined forces with the Centre for Fire Safety Engineering at University of Edinburgh, UK since January 2006. With this joint venture the company has gained access to all the necessary resources, such as Standard and Research Testing equipment and facilities, specialised computer software (such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element and evacuation modelling) and computing facilities. Most important I-RiSC is now integrated in a vast network of knowledge, experience and human resources. This new structure will allow us to provide a more comprehensive set of services that will range from the traditional Risk Assessment to fully performance based methodologies.

The company was founded originally under the name DVS Risk Service GmbH as a direct subsidiary of the DVS Deutscher Versicherungs-Schutzverband e.V. (German Insurance Protection Organisation) in Bonn, Germany, that stood for over 100 years as a recognised and competent support to industry with insurance matters. While technical relationship with DVS remains, but to better serve an increasing market I-RiSC GmbH has become a privately owned company.